It all started in 2016 when…

A friend started off the new year declaring 'I need help getting out of debt' and I replied 'I can help!'. I thought I would maybe help her come up with a budget and a plan for how to pay off the debt and that would be it. Little did I know that helping out that friend would lead to discovering my greatest passion - helping people with their finances! One 'client' soon turned into two and then three and together we paid off debts, increased credit scores and built savings. But more importantly, we got to a place of less anxiety and more peace.

There is a lot of information out there about personal finance. But more than learning money facts, I think it's understanding our money behaviors that will really lead to change. While talking with another friend about where the root of those money behaviors come from, she said 'this feels like... therapy!'. 

Last year, I tried to get back into shape, overdid it and ended up injuring my shoulder. The pain was so bad that I could barely lift my arm to open a door. I couldn't use my arm anymore, so I went physical therapy to fix it. As my physical therapist worked on my shoulder, stretching and loosening it, she told me my shoulders were not moving as they were intended to and as a result my muscles had compensated to keep me going. But at a certain point, it caught up with me and this injury occurred. But even after the inflammation and pain went away, in order to get back to exercising, I would need to un-learn my old habits and re-learn how to use my shoulder. And it struck me... it's the same with money! We often learn our money behaviors by default - we don't even realize how we are using our money. Then some of our bad behaviors catch up with us and we feel pain. We seek treatment to make the pain go away, but to really improve our quality of life, we need to un-learn and re-learn money behaviors.

And that's how PhyscalTherapy was born... a blog about improving fiscal quality of life.

- TheMoneyTherapist